Benefits and Joys of working for Infinity

Working at Infinity Interactive offers a variety of benefits:

In addition to your salary, Infinity offers subsidized medical benefits (full premium and deductible coverage for you and your dependents). Infinity also offers a company sponsored 401(k) plan with a 4% company match.

Flexible work location and schedule
Infinity's offices are virtual, so you'll have tremendous flexibility in where you work. Currently Infinity has employees across North America, from Ottawa to Nebraska to Oregon and several states in between. Infinity also offers generally flexible work hours. To top all that off, because Infinity recognizes the importance of work-life balance, we offer a flexible vacation policy with no artificial limits.

Awesome teams helping excellent partners / clients
At Infinity, you're not just going to be grinding out a widget in a monolithic system. We work with a wide range of partners (ranging from Madison Avenue ad agencies to multi-million-dollar online retailers to emerging startups), each with their own mix of projects, tools, and challenges. This means you’ll have a wide variety of opportunities, from managing partner relationships to diving headfirst into code. Infinity's management believes strongly in hiring the right people, giving them the materials they need to succeed, and then getting out of the way.

Annual gathering
Because Infinity knows the value of fostering relationships within the company, we sponsor an annual company retreat, where all employees get together for a 3-4 days of learning about other company projects as well as informal bonding and hanging out.

Strong Open Source / community support
We believe in building strong communities. Infinity employees are encouraged and given the time to research, use and develop Open Source code as much as possible. Infinity also sponsors conferences and workshops in the Open Source community. Many Infinity employees are active Open Source community leaders, and frequent conference speakers. We get tremendous recognition for participating in the Open Source community.

Infinity recently celebrated our 20th year. We've enjoyed a steady rate of growth over that entire period. Our emphasis on developing partnerships with our clients helps ensure that we will continue to enjoy continued future growth.

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