Quality Coordinator (QA / PM)

a quick introduction to us

For over 20 years, Infinity has helped our partners bring their projects to life, from bespoke applications for the web to mobile apps to complex systems integrations. People join Infinity because we believe in hiring the right people, giving them the tools and support they need to succeed, and then getting out of the way. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and our relationships, internally and externally.

about the role

At Infinity, our clients value our ability to be flexible and nimble. Most of us don’t wear just one hat. For this role, we’re looking for someone comfortable with that. This role leverages the complementary skills to both manage projects and test the software we build, and needs someone who can speak the language of business to our clients and of technology to our developers, while building trust with both.

First and foremost, we are looking for someone who cares deeply about quality in everything they do. We realize that few people may have experience in this sort of blended role, and if you’re someone with passion, drive, and grit, we can train you up on the parts you don’t have yet.

Tasks and responsibilities will include:

Project-based QA testing

Project management

Personal attributes of our ideal candidate include:

...to work at Infinity

...to QA at Infinity

...to manage projects at Infinity

Skills and traits that are pretty essential:


Project Management

Skills and traits that would make you stand out:


We ask a lot of our candidate above. In return, you will receive from Infinity:



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