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Senior Web Developer

Quick introduction to us

For 20 years, Infinity has helped our partners bring their projects to life, from bespoke applications for the web to mobile apps to complex systems integrations. People join Infinity because we believe in hiring the right people, giving them the tools and support they need to succeed, and then getting out of the way. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and our relationships, internally and externally.

About the role

We are looking to add a talented and experienced Web Developer to our team; someone who is passionate about the craft of producing high-quality interactive websites and webapps, who loves a good challenge, can think strategically, can collaborate, and will blaze a path for others to follow. A Senior Web Developer at Infinity is an individual contributor able to deliver excellent work-product to our clients who can also leverage their expertise to influence and improve the impact of those they work with.

Most of our work involves the development of new, bespoke web sites and web applications. At Infinity, our Web Developer role has the emphasis placed on coding over design.

Tasks and responsibilities will include:

  • Reviewing and communicating the technical feasibility of designs
  • Turning requirements into reliable code
  • Producing clean, thoughtful, well-structured, scalable, modular, testable code
  • Accurately and efficiently building front-end web systems based on wireframes and design comps
  • Rapidly solving problems, bugs, and compatibility issues
  • Troubleshooting website speed and performance issues
  • Cross-browser and cross-device testing all front-end code
  • Communicating tradeoffs and what we can do (not just what we can’t)
  • Communicating bad news with the same urgency as good news

Personal attributes of our ideal candidate include:

…to work at Infinity

  • Ability to work autonomously with general direction and exercise independent thinking
  • Ability to think creatively and on-the-fly, easily changing gears to nimbly adapt to a wide range of project types and timeframes
  • Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) to articulate discussions within the dev teams and with the client
  • An enthusiasm for solving challenging problems
  • A willingness to roll up your sleeves, work with others, and get stuff done
  • A strong affinity for, and attention to, detail

…as a Web Developer at Infinity

  • A strong background in web development and being up-to-date with all the standard technologies
  • Expertise writing ECMAScript 2016 and later as well as familiarity with Angular, React, and/or Vue
  • Experience developing with Node.js
  • Expertise with HTML5 and CSS (both CSS2 and CSS3)
  • Experience with image editing tools (Photoshop, Sketch, etc.)
  • Experience with web debugging tools

Skills and traits that are pretty essential:

  • A deep understanding of browser nuances and quirks
  • Experience integrating with API and REST services
  • Experience with revision control systems such as Git or Subversion
  • Experience with progressive enhancement, graceful degradation, and mobile-first responsive/adaptive web design
  • Experience with SEO basics
  • Understanding of usability and accessibility standards
  • Experience with Agile development and best practices

Skills and traits that would make you stand out:

  • Ability to advocate for improvements in functionality, navigation, and UI design elements
  • Ability to create prototypes, mockups, wireframes, and user interface specifications
  • Experience with CSS frameworks
  • Experience with JavaScript libraries beyond jQuery
  • Experience developing for CMSs (SharePoint, Sitecore, Drupal, WordPress, etc.)
  • Familiarity with regular expressions
  • Familiarity with other web technologies such as AJAX, JSON, XML, SPDY, etc
  • Familiarity with .NET, JSP, PHP, Node, and other backend environments


We ask a lot of our candidate above. In return, you will receive from Infinity:

  • A competitive salary (because your work has value)
  • Flexibility to work anywhere (because it’s 2018 and we live on the Internet)
  • A flexible vacation policy (because we want you to truly disconnect and recharge)
  • Comprehensive health benefits with 100% of health premium covered for employees and dependents (because your health is worth the investment)
  • 401(k) with generous match (because you don’t want to work forever)
  • Training, mentoring, and development (because we want you to grow)

Please note

  • Ideally we’re looking for a full-time commitment to this position. If you’re a freelancer and would prefer to stay that way, we’re also open to that type of relationship
  • All positions at Infinity are remote. You work from wherever you are. Accordingly, relocation support is neither applicable nor available
  • No third parties or recruiters, please
  • H1 sponsorship is not available, sorry


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