Now leaving Las Vegas...

Now leaving Las Vegas...

Infinity Interactive

Sadly, the Infinity Interactive Summit is behind us. We've said our goodbyes to Vegas and to each other, but we wanted to wrap up some of the awesome here and share it with you.

First, the talks

conference room

Over the two days of the summit, II employees gave 16 short presentations and 8 lightning talks. The presentations covered an amazing diversity of technologies, methods, and innovative ideas, both looking back at the notable work we've done over the past year and forward to what's coming for us in 2014.

One of my favorite talks was "How to Achieve 'Pixel Perfect'", presented by Erik Sjoblom. I enjoyed this talk because it was an impressive demonstration of front-end web development. The term 'Pixel Perfect' decribes the way a client wants to see their design brought to life: in a perfect visual translation of their Photoshop-based design to their computer screen. 'Pixel Perfect' development across every modern browser is extremely difficult, but for the dedicated developers who love their craft, 'close' just isn't good enough.

If you don't spend all day every day debugging in your web browser, watching Erik work with his tools was an amazing learning opportunity. In a series of examples of real-world problems, he walked us through current HTML and CSS best practices. Each example began with a rough-in process familiar to any web developer, but then Erik's 'Pixel Perfect' magic began. Erik showed us the best techniques to use to defuse each problematic situation, delivering the highly polished "brochure-ware" results many of our advertising agency partners are looking for. The end results deploy beautifully to all the major browsers, tablets, and phones. Erik's presentation was part tech talk with lots of handy tips, and part art lecture. Really great stuff that showed how the developers at Infinity Interactive are dedicated to making sure our clients are more than satisfied.

A second presentation that stood out for me was "Leap Motion — Everything You Thought You Knew About Human / Computer Interaction is Obsolete", presented by Jay '@deafferret' Hannah. Jay's presentation was an exciting look into some recent experimental client work using a Leap Motion. This new gizmo is an $85 infrared sensor you can buy on-line or at your local Best Buy. When you place your hand(s) over it, you're interacting with your computer in 3D. The client work that Jay presented was all implemented in Javascript and ran inside a web browser. Part of it was 3D interaction, driven by three.js, and part was demonstrating mouse replacement on a flat website. The mouse replacement also had a strong 3D component, since z-axis hand movement was used to control products zooming on and off of shelves to display nutritional information. It was a slick preview of current work and future possibilities, and I can't wait for the opportunity to work with this great tech myself.

Those were just two of the great presentations we all enjoyed. Other talks covered work we're doing with iOS, node.js, angular.js, automation in system administration, online learning & screencasting as a way for us to more effectively deliver our popular training courses, and many others.

After the show is over...

The weekend wasn't only presentations in a conference room all day long. Since Infinity is 100% virtual, we have no physical workspaces to gather in, and we take every opportunity to hang out and get to know our co-workers better when we're finally face to face. We constantly communicate with each other, over emails, in chatrooms, and on conference calls, but face-to-face time is rare, since we live hundreds or even thousands of miles from each other. So, when we finally do get together, it's more like catching up with old friends than co-workers.

Outside of the conference room, the Infinity crew really had a great time. Dinners together were an important way for us to enjoy each other's company, as well as some other activities such as karaoke (here's hoping the videos never get out to the public..), and some of the guys even took part in a SCUBA excursion to Lake Mead later in the week.

After all the excitement, we were able to retire to the ‘Party Suite’ (as it was dubbed later), to hang out and enjoy each other’s company. We enjoyed some drinks and many games of 'Cards Against Humanity' were played. Incidentally, there are rumors of a specific tech company having issues getting the HDMI connection in the suite's conference area to work, and having to use a projector and improvised bed-sheet screen, but these rumors so far are unfounded.

unfounded rumors

So yes, it’s sad that we had to finally leave Las Vegas. But the connections we make at each Summit set the tone for the relationships we share throughout the year, and 2014 is already looking great so far. Until next year...

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