See You In Orlando

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See You In Orlando

The biggest Perl-centric conference in North America starts one week from today in Orlando, FL. As usual, Infinity will be sending a large contingent of our staff to YAPC::NA, where many of them will present talks. (Not to mention our training both before and after the conference proper.)

Infinity's talks this year mainly target topics outside the main "Perl" focus of the conference.

Shawn Moore will be giving a talk on "DTrace War Stories", where he'll explain how this underutilized kernel level development tool can help you track down obscure bugs and performance issues.

This year's YAPC is featuring a track about awesome non-Perl topics from people in the Perl community. Jay Hannah will be speaking about a trip he's taking to SE Asia to SCUBA dive the wreck of the USS Houston (CA-30), which his grandfather served on, while Jake Goldsborough is going to give a demonstration on how to roast your own coffee beans.

Jesse Luehrs, speaking in the same track, will offer an introduction to Rust, a new programming language emphasizing concurrency and safe construction of programs thanks to strict typing and memory management rules.

Finally, I'll be presenting the closing keynote address of the conference on Wednesday afternoon, where I'll discuss the unique features of the Perl community, relative to other programming languages, and my thoughts on what the year ahead holds for Perl.

There will probably also be a lightning talk or two from an Infinity staff member, if history is any guide.

We hope to see many old friends in Orlando, and to meet many new ones. If you're attending YAPC, please feel free to grab any of the Infinity speakers for a chat. See you there!

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