Taking up the Slack with RocketChat

Here at Infinity Interactive, we are an entirely remote team. As such, high availability of our communication tools is paramount to our success. Our daily methods of communication include JIRA, email, commit messages, and even, gasp, telephones. While these are effective at doing their job, they are not a replacement for that “human” feel you get when you go into an office and have the ability to have group and individual conversations with your co-workers. For that piece of the puzzle, we use Slack.

The Problem

Slack provides us with real-time messaging between our teammates, as well as a select list of external partners. It also allows us to share files, make conference calls, and provides us with a much needed outlet to tell the latest and greatest dad joke. For the most part, Slack is great. It's intuitive, fairly affordable, pretty reliable, and consistently gets new features.

On the down side, Slack is an external platform. Sometimes we wind up being subject to outages over which we have no control. Since communication is so vital to what we do, we decided to look for a solution that could be used on-demand for when there was an outage at Slack.

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