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To Infinity And loading.......
Jake Goldsborough (@rjgoldsborough) & Will Hutchinson (@tetowill)
august 4th, 2015

Jake: Recently, I was working on an internal project and started thinking about the infinity symbol. After reading Will's great post on recreating the Archer title sequence with CSS animations, I came up with the idea to create a loader using the symbol. A loader is an animation used to signal to the user that something is happening, like data loading or when submitting a form.

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Taking CSS Animations to the Danger Zone
Will Hutchinson (@tetowill)
april 8th, 2015

Lately I've been wanting to experiment a little more with CSS animations. I already use them for small effects, but to really get to know something, I need a project. A while back I was watching one of my favorite cartoons, Archer, and as the title sequence was rolling I realized, "this would make an awesome CSS animation project!"

Whenever you try to recreate something, it's best to study the original. A quick search led me to Art of the Title a site dedicated to title sequences. Lucky for me, they have the Archer title sequence posted for our viewing pleasure. Have a look at it to see the sequence I'm building towards.

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