Jake "ducks" Goldsborough (@rjgoldsborough)
july 3rd, 2014

That’s right folks. The annual North American Perl conference, YAPC::NA, was held in sunny Orlando, Florida last week. Infinity Interactive was well represented and many of our developers presented talks.

John SJ Anderson volunteered as the speaker coordinator for the conference, and he kicked things off with a welcome talk and general overview of YAPC.

Shawn Moore gave us a great talk on “DTrace War Stories” where he showed us some cool debugging tools to help find tricky bugs and performance issues. (He also showed a really cool bot that plays NetHack for you!)

You ready?! Because in addition to that talk, Shawn Moore also gave a lightning talk teaching you how to read, speak, and write Japanese in only five minutes!

Jesse Luehrs presented an “Introduction to Rust”, a new programming language developed by Mozilla for low level and systems programming.

Jay Hannah spoke about his plans to SCUBA dive the WWII ship his grandfather served on in Indonesia.

I, Jake Goldsborough, gave an introduction to roasting your own coffee at home using a popcorn popper.

Finally, John SJ Anderson also closed out the conference with “Yet Another Keynote Speech”.

As always, the YAPC organizers put on a great conference and Infinity Interactive was excited to attend. Some of us even got in and got our hands dirty.

Hope to see you at next year’s YAPC!

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