technical, not typical // partner, not vendor

We’re not your typical dev shop; not your typical IT consulting firm. We’ve been here since 1998—before the “dot-com” boom (the first one) and long enough to maybe even have a little grey in our hair. You can’t come to our office, because we don’t have an office. Our distributed team of 30 proud polyglots live and breathe solving problems through the creative, focused application of technology.

we’ve done some (impressive) stuff

We’ve worked with everybody, from the giants of their industry to the aspiring startups. We work with partners in healthcare, pharma, finance, ad agencies, ad tech, accounting, tax prep, management consulting, startups and more.

Recent partners include: Aetna, American Express, Aon, Boeing, Boehringer Ingelheim, Chattem, eBay, Ernst & Young, Grey / G2, Marriott, McCann, MediaMath, Merial, Nestle, PepsiCo, Pfizer, Publicis, Rapp, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, ShutterStock, and more.

we like clients but prefer partners

What do our partners say about us? Have a look:

As a rapidly evolving startup, we found ourselves balancing our need to develop new capabilities quickly and at the same time, ensure a reliable platform for our discerning customer-base (scientists!). Infinity Interactive was able to provide us with a dedicated team and plan that set us on the right path by having the best of both worlds with an audit of our existing testing approach and implementing a robust test automation framework. The team they sent was top-notch, eager and flexible in accommodating our complex matrix of hardware/software scenarios. The best thing about the engagement was the handoff, they did a lot of foundational work, but it's now part of our workflow and our culture.

-Ben Donohue, VP of Engineering at Opentrons

Our expectations of Infinity were high and the Infinity team has exceeded our expectations. Infinity is professional, creative, tireless, versatile, current and cohesive. The company works as one body with many heads – all of which bring to bear diverse experiences and expertise bases, but all of which share the same values, and the same commitment to excellence. When I say we could not have got the TaxChat product done in time for the 2016 tax season without Infinity, I mean that quite literally. Prior to engaging the firm, our software development effort was on a crash course with failure. But failure is not in the lexicon at Infinity. Your firm has been a genuine partner to TaxChat – an essential element of any success that we experience.”

- Mike Pereira, Chairman and Founder of TaxChat

Curious to read stories about our stuff? Here you go:

we do all sorts of stuff (stuff you need)

We do apps. (Of course.) And sites. RWD, CMS, API, REST and all the, well, rest. We work just as well from your sketch on a napkin as we do from your hundred page BRDs.

  • Strategy
    • Consulting
    • Architecture and solution design
    • Requirements and process definition
    • Project management
  • Implementation
    • Web and mobile development
    • Data architecture
    • DevOps / SysAd
    • QA / Testing
  • Maintenance / Support
    • Updates / Upgrades
    • Optimization
    • Analytics / Measurement
  • Code hospital
    • Urgent care / Rescue services
    • Geriatric code care / Modernization
  • Staff augmentation
  • Systems integration
  • Innovation

we solve problems with technology

Which technology? So many. We’ve got a lot of stuff in our tool belts. But the point isn’t what we’ve used before but our ability to adapt to what we’re going to need to use next. The world of technology moves fast with what was new and hot today being passé tomorrow.

We believe in practicing solid fundamentals and that the details matter… even if no one will ever see them but our fellow programmers. When we work on a project, we pick the best tool for the job. If you’re curious, you can peruse the laundry list of languages and frameworks we’ve already wrestled into submission — and if you need us to use something that isn’t on that list, you should know our real superpower is getting from zero to skilled on new stuff. Quick.

we’ve got thoughts (on stuff)

what (great stuff) can we do with you?

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