Pictured at Xamarin Evolve 2013, from left to right: Xamarin Founder Nat Friedman, Infinity Xamarin Developer Paul Zolnierczyk, Infinity Developer Alex Sparkman, Infinity Xamarin MVP Sean Sparkman, and Xamarin Founder Miguel de Icaza.

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

Paul Zolnierczyk (@paulish29)
march 22nd, 2017

Infinity Interactive is proud to announce that we are officially a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner!

Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner

Infinity has a long history with Xamarin, starting in 2012 when some of our developers attended Visual Studio Live! 2012 and learned about Xamarin. Since our developers already had extensive experience with C# they were quite excited at the idea of developing high quality native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone in C#, from a common code base.

Paul presenting \

Since then, we’ve gone on to develop many mobile applications with Xamarin. We’re also excited to share our experiences with the Xamarin and .NET community! Our developers are passionate and regularly host and attend Xamarin user groups, as well as giving presentations at conferences. Sean Sparkman, one of our Xamarin developers, was honored as a Xamarin MVP in 2015.

Sean presenting at Dallas Xamarin Dev Days 2016

Some of the events our Xamarin Certified Developers have spoken at include:

If you’re thinking of developing a high quality native mobile application on iOS, Android or Windows Phone then be sure and connect with us, our Xamarin Certified Developers are ready to help make your ideas a reality!

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