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Lottie Animations in Xamarin
Will Hutchinson (@tetowill)
may 31st, 2017

We do a lot of work with apps and Xamarin here at Infinity. We’ve seen that adding animations to our Xamarin.iOS or Xamarin.Android app makes for a more appealing user experience. But if those animations are overly detailed, programming them may take quite a bit of time. Well, thanks to Lottie (an Open Source animation tool from Airbnb) and Lottie Xamarin (a set of Xamarin bindings for Lottie created by Martijn van Dijk), it's a lot easier to add animations into our apps. Let's check it out.

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iOS Animations in Xamarin - part 2
Will Hutchinson (@tetowill)
july 6th, 2016

TaxChat summary screen

We're back with the second part of our post on iOS Animations in Xamarin. In this post I'm detailing some of the animations seen in TaxChat, an iOS App we recently launched. In the first part we discussed AnimateNotify, AnimateKeyframes and AddKeyframeWithRelativeStartTime. In this continuation we will look at animating rotation and scale using CGAffineTransform, then animating a CAGradientLayer using CABasicAnimation.

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iOS Animations in Xamarin
Will Hutchinson (@tetowill)
april 7th, 2016

TaxChat onboarding screen

We recently launched the app TaxChat, "tax preparation for people who have better things to do." The iOS app saves you from having to do your taxes by yourself; instead you just answer a few questions, snap a couple of photos and a certified tax professional will take care of your tax return for you. All through a beautiful & intuitive interface. You can read more about it at tax.chat.

Since we built TaxChat using Xamarin, I figure this is a great time to write a post on iOS animations in Xamarin and detail some of the animations seen in the app. If you don't already know about Xamarin, check out this introduction to Xamarin by our resident Xamarin MVP, Sean Sparkman. Essentially, Xamarin allows you to build native apps for multiple platforms all in C#, which is pretty sweet.

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To Infinity And loading.......
Jake Goldsborough (@rjgoldsborough) & Will Hutchinson (@tetowill)
august 4th, 2015

Jake: Recently, I was working on an internal project and started thinking about the infinity symbol. After reading Will's great post on recreating the Archer title sequence with CSS animations, I came up with the idea to create a loader using the symbol. A loader is an animation used to signal to the user that something is happening, like data loading or when submitting a form.

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Taking CSS Animations to the Danger Zone
Will Hutchinson (@tetowill)
april 8th, 2015

Lately I've been wanting to experiment a little more with CSS animations. I already use them for small effects, but to really get to know something, I need a project. A while back I was watching one of my favorite cartoons, Archer, and as the title sequence was rolling I realized, "this would make an awesome CSS animation project!"

Whenever you try to recreate something, it's best to study the original. A quick search led me to Art of the Title a site dedicated to title sequences. Lucky for me, they have the Archer title sequence posted for our viewing pleasure. Have a look at it to see the sequence I'm building towards.

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