Git Mo' Meta: Easily Adding Meta Information to Git Branches

From time to time, it comes in handy to tie various types of information (ticket id, bug or feature, task owner, sprint information, deadline, etc.) against a branch. Often we can get away with just adding them to the branch name, but it can get ludicrous real fast. In those instances, 'bugfix/jira-613-sprintD-deadline20160523-by_yanick' just doesn't cut it.

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Herding Camels

They say that no man is an island. Likewise, no software runs in a void. Well, except maybe for Voyager's main control. But that's not the same. And beside the point.

So, as I was saying, no software runs in a void. There are dependencies to think about. And depending of where you are in the overall stack, those can come in two flavors. There are, obviously enough, the dependencies that you are using, and there are the reverse dependencies; the other pieces of software that depends on your own.

Fortunately, testing is a very deeply ingrained characteristic of the Perl world. Modules come with their test suites, and the ever-vigilant, ever-running CPANtesters ensures that if a new release of a CPAN module breaks tests of another, authors are more likely than not to learn about it rather quickly.

That's already mightily fine. But sometimes one needs more… custom arrangements. Recently I had such needs, and with the judicious use of already-existing tools I was able create a little setup that would not only allow me to test a selection of modules on my box, but also let me painlessly upgrade those modules when they'd change on CPAN.

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