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Modernize Your Legacy
Jay Hannah (@deafferret)
april 25th, 2014

Egyptian loom

Are you trying to bring modern development practices to a …less-than-modern software development environment?

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Don’t Call Us a Vendor
Jeremy Shao (@jeremyshao)
april 3rd, 2014

I abhor when people treat us like “Vendors” instead of Partners.

You might think that it’s merely semantics, but I would say that the words that we use to define our relationship actually help define the quality of our interactions and the philosophy and attitude of how we work together. Look at the etymology… Vendor comes from the Latin "vendere," to sell, whereas partner comes from the French "parçonier," joint owner. The former smacks of "me getting mine", while the latter is about our mutual success.

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Why do we exist?
Jeremy Shao (@jeremyshao)
november 13th, 2013

Infinity Interactive

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