Modernize Your Legacy

Are you trying to bring modern development practices to a… less-than-modern software development environment?

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Talk to any experienced programmer and they probably have a few stories to share about organizations that were — or still are — suffering from business, organizational, or technical practices causing unnecessary suffering for everyone involved.

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Don't Call Us a Vendor

I abhor when people treat us like “Vendors” instead of Partners.

You might think that it’s merely semantics, but I would say that the words that we use to define our relationship actually help define the quality of our interactions and the philosophy and attitude of how we work together. Look at the etymology… Vendor comes from the Latin "vendere," to sell, whereas partner comes from the French "parçonier," joint owner. The former smacks of "me getting mine", while the latter is about our mutual success.

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Why do we exist?

Infinity Interactive

Why do we exist? I’m not speaking on a molecular level, nor am I talking about the human race’s larger role in the universe, but rather something simpler, but of equal importance to me.. and you.

Why does Infinity exist?

For our clients? Yes… and no.
To make money? Yes again, for our families and ourselves… but also no.
Fame? No… but we’ve managed to make quite a name for ourselves along the way.

Our purpose, our reason for being, is to create an amazing place to work for people who love technology.

Even in today’s world, where so much of our productivity is driven by technology, most larger (and older) organizations tend to view the contributions of their technology staff as secondary to that of traditional front-line roles. Technologists are often last to the table, their recommendations muted, their failures trumpeted and their time undervalued.

In our company, we cherish our technologists for their creativity, their passion, their dedication and their commitment. We understand what motivates technologists and are adept at cultivating their collective talents into a cohesive team.

It’s important that you understand our motivation.
We are here because we love working together and want a culture that very few can provide.
You’re just lucky enough to benefit from a team of highly motivated, brilliant, kick-ass problem solvers.

Our team is united in purpose, but our interests outside of bits and bytes range from driving around the country with a laptop and a paintbrush, learning Japanese for fun, backpacking the Appalachian Trail and turning a popcorn maker into a gourmet coffee roaster. We decided to create this blog and have everyone on our team contribute so that you could get to know some of our amazing people.

Stay tuned for a peek inside the mind of the geek.

Jeremy Shao

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