Should everyone do a rotation through the QA team?

Thinking about the QA/Developer relationship

At Infinity, we have a culture of testing. We believe in this so strongly that every Statement Of Work we create includes an introduction to our QA philosophy. Software is believed to be broken until it is proven to work.

Like many software companies, Infinity has a dedicated QA team that follows an incremental approach to testing software, including QA as a part of the development process from the beginning. As the developers make code changes, the testers inspect & validate. Sure, developers do their own testing, but, to make a broad generalization, developers test to confirm, while QA tests to interrogate. Testing software seems to be a contrary exercise to building software. Given that, could a developer benefit from seeing the other side?

What if we asked every team member to spend some time on the QA team? My colleague asked me this question not long ago, and my answer was an immediate "No." I imagined a bored developer navigating around a web application trying to break it. My thought was that a developer would rather spend their time building software than testing it.

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