Two people holding hands, looking over the city. Plus One. Connecting the world, two people at a time.

Connecting the world, two people at a time.

our Plus One story

bringing a startup’s big idea to life

At Infinity, we help a lot of large companies with their biggest problems. And sometimes, we take on the challenge of helping the little guy turn their big idea into reality. This is one of those stories.

iOS app • APIs

the idea

We’ve all been there: somebody bailed, got sick, can’t make it—and now you have an extra ticket to an event. Your nonrefundable ticket is about to go to waste or be sold ludicrously below face value. You’re left deciding whether it’s worth it to go “stag” to see your favorite musician. What if there was a social platform for matching event-goers with extra tickets to interested local people? This was the big idea that, with help from Infinity, became Plus One.

the story

Plus One started as the dream of an aspiring entrepreneur and talented graphic designer. The duo needed a partner that could develop the iOS and Android apps as well as lead the UI/UX design initiative. They turned to Infinity.

Plus One sketch Plus One screenshot

Infinity’s Xamarin certified engineers and skilled architects were up to the challenge; we’ve been working with clients, developing software, and solving business problems for twenty years. Our team prides itself on developing high-quality solutions in a fast-paced, agile, efficient manner. Our experience and our culture made us the perfect fit for the Plus One project.

the technology

Bringing Plus One from concept to reality required Infinity’s expertise in both client-side and server-side development. To the user, the app needed to be responsive, engaging, and intuitive. On the server-side, Plus One needed to be scalable and reliable. At Infinity, we try to always select the right tool for the job. In this case, from our toolbox we chose:


As a startup, Plus One needed to get to market quickly with limited investment and looked for a technology base that would enable fast cross platform development. Infinity developed the app in Xamarin, as it was ideally suited to creating engaging native mobile apps quickly across multiple operating systems.


To power the backend of Plus One, Infinity selected Microsoft Azure. On Azure, we created a cloud service architecture using Message Queues, Azure Functions, Notification Services, and SQL Server. This constellation of services provided scalability and reliability while moderating operational costs to suit Plus One's early startup-sized budget.

Elastic Search

At its core, Plus One’s value is connecting similar individuals in geographically close areas. With many users, interests, and events, the ability to quickly search and receive relevant results was critical. Infinity deployed Elastic Search to make sure Plus One’s matching was accurate and fast.

the conclusion

Six months after we started, Plus One hit the App Store. Now that the concept has become reality and is a tangible app to use, Plus One is poised to grow! Today, the founders continue to raise funds, market, and promote the app.