Super-duper-happy Nancy-based API... as a Windows Service

Nancy is a lightweight framework for building HTTP-based services on .NET and Mono. The goal of the framework is to stay out of the way as much as possible and provide a 'super-duper-happy-path' to all interactions. This approach to sensible defaults and conventions means that it is very easy to write a stand-alone self-hosted web site or API that runs as a desktop application. In this post, I'm going to discuss the equivalent happy-path for deploying such an application as a Windows Service.

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Theremin Fountain with C# and the Arduino Uno

My Project Idea

I want to create a fountain that can entertain guests. Namely, I want to be able to control the flow of the fountain with my hand. Recently, at our last summit, Jay Hannah introduced me to the Leap Motion, which is basically a Kinect for the hands. A little research introduced me to Arduino, an open source solution for programming microcontrollers.

The fountain will be built using base electrical components. The actual physical basins for the water may be taken from an existing fountain, but I plan on making that decision later. This post details my initial goals for the project, as well as the first steps I took towards a side-project, and the coding hurdles I had to overcome to complete the side-project.

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Xamarin: An exciting option for cross-platform mobile development

Is Cross-Platform Mobile Development a Pipe Dream?

HTML 5 has proven to not be the silver bullet everyone hoped for. By their own admission, Facebook's biggest mistake was betting on HTML 5. While it works well for content, anything more than that needs native performance. Mobile users demand native performance. The first few seconds of any mobile user's experience is the most important. Users will uninstall or never again open an app if they are dissatisfied in those crucial first moments. So what is the answer if it's not HTML 5? There's a case to be made that it's Xamarin.

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