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Meet Jeremy Tarver
Jeremy Tarver & Abby Zavos
october 28th, 2022

Jeremy Tarver, Picture source: Jeremy Tarver

Meet Jeremy Tarver, player of Native American stickball, river enthusiast, and underappreciated treehouse architect.

Name, Company, Title, City

Jeremy Tarver, Infinity Interactive, Senior Developer, Athens GA

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Meet Suzanne Raphael
Suzanne Raphael & Abby Zavos
august 5th, 2022

Suzanne Raphael, Picture source: Suzanne Raphael

Meet Suzanne Raphael, Infinity’s QA evangelist. A thinker, consultant, thinker, camper, thinker…. okay perhaps a bit of an overthinker, but the perfect kind of overthinker for QA and Infinity.

Name, Company, Title, City

Suzanne Raphael, Infinity Interactive, Lead QA/Consultant, Ossining, NY

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Meet Matt Holtz
Matt Holtz & Abby Zavos
june 17th, 2022

Matt Holtz, Picture source: Matt Holtz

Meet Matt Holtz, our Denver developer, dog lover, new dad, and the latest in our Infinity interview series.

Name, Company, Title, City

Matt Holtz, Infinity Interactive, Lead Consultant, Denver CO

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Meet Matt Patterson
Matt Patterson & Abby Zavos
february 18th, 2022

Matt Patterson, Picture source: Matt Patterson

Meet Matt Patterson (mattpatt), an Infinity developer, and an improviser in music and thought. A man who loves jazz, a good burger, and Larry David!

Name, Company, Title, City

Matt Patterson, Infinity Interactive, Junior Developer, Central Virginia

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Meet Trey Bianchini
Trey Bianchini, Abby Zavos, & Rob Kopf
november 19th, 2021

Trey Bianchini, Picture source: Trey Bianchini

Meet Trey Bianchini, Infinity developer who, in his spare time likes to make really good espresso and also, electric guitars.

Name, Company, Title, City

Trey Bianchini, Infinity Interactive, Programmer, Omaha, NE

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Meet John Bowser
John Bowser, Abby Zavos, & Rob Kopf
october 18th, 2021

John Bowser, Picture source: John Bowser

In this latest post in our interview series, we’d like to introduce you to our own John Bowser, programmer, nature lover, cat guy.

Name, Company, Title, City

John Bowser, Infinity Interactive, Junior Developer, Salt Lake City, UT

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Meet Eric Wagoner
Eric Wagoner & Rob Kopf
september 15th, 2017

Eric Wagoner

In this latest post in our interview series, we’d like to introduce you to our own Eric Wagoner, the magnificent man of many talents. He is one of our senior developers.

Name, Company, Title, City

Eric Wagoner, Infinity Interactive, Senior Developer, Athens Georgia

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Meet Toby Deshane
Toby Deshane (@fortyseven) & Emal Sakwall (@zigadore)
march 10th, 2017

Toby Deshane

Welcome to the latest blog post in our interview series. We’d like to introduce you to our programmer, Toby Deshane.

Name, Company, Title, City

I’m Toby Deshane and I work for Infinity Interactive as a Programmer. I live in Middletown, CT.

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Meet Will Hutchinson
Will Hutchinson (@tetowill) & Emal Sakwall (@zigadore)
january 13th, 2017

Bold explorers Hutch and Jess

Welcome to the latest blog post in our interview series. We’d like to introduce you to our resident Californian and front-end programmer extraordinaire, Will Hutchinson (aka Hutch).

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Meet Tracey Shirley
Tracey Shirley & Emal Sakwall (@zigadore)
october 28th, 2016

Tracey Shirley - image by Emal Sakwall

Welcome to the 10th blog post in our interview series. Let’s pause to mark this occasion and fire up the confetti cannon. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our crew. And, while those colorful tiny pieces of paper fill the backdrop, let me introduce you to our own Tracey Shirley.

Meet Tracey. She is compassionate, kind, clear, logical, efficient, and analytic. She keeps projects on track and uncovers software bugs in a way that leaves us all inspired. I know I want to be like her. Read her answers to my questions.

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Meet Jay Hannah
Jay Hannah (@deafferret) & Emal Sakwall (@zigadore)
june 30th, 2016

Jay Hannah - image by Brett Brayman

In this blog post in our interview series, we would like to introduce you to our own Jay Hannah.

Meet Jay. He is a traveling man, currently somewhere in North America --- we think. He is a programmer and team lead at Infinity.

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Meet Tommy Lee
Emal Sakwall (@zigadore) & Tommy Lee (@itommylee)
april 15th, 2016

Tommy Lee - image by Brett Brayman

In the latest post in our interview series, we’re pleased to introduce you to Tommy Lee.

Meet Tommy. He is half of the founding duo of Infinity, a NY Yankees season ticket holder and a sleep-deprived parent of three precocious young girls.

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Meet Yanick Champoux
Emal Sakwall (@zigadore) & Yanick Champoux (@yenzie)
july 16th, 2015

Tiger Sloth - image by Brett Brayman

Welcome to the first in our series of interviews with people in the Infinity community. Approximately monthly, we’ll introduce you to a member of the Infinity team, an Infinity partner, or general person of interest. Our first interview is with our own Yanick Champoux.

Meet Yanick. A damn fine man. A programmer extraordinaire. A comic book writer. He is a native of Montréal currently living in Ottawa, Canada. The man contains multitudes.

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